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  • Entertainers....

    Although in live it was the recommended race, Twi'lek is NOT a good race to play for ent. They do not have the action stats needed. Just a reminder

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    When I redid the new player FAQ, while you were moving, I quoted you

    • Even though Twi'Lek is the recommended race for Ents, you will find that the action pool stats are not enough to keep you going through the grind or buffing.
    • Check the character stats and make sure they have adequate quickness and stam for this profession
    • Zabrak is another race found to not be ideal.
    • I personally have a human Ent and it works great

    And again in the entertainer FAQ section for the best entertainer race

    What is the best race for entertaining?
    • Currently humans are considered the best entertainers
    • Humans are the only race presently that can, after stat migration, buff continuously without the need for food
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      Actually, I could be wrong. If anyone has tested a Twi'lek for ent now, please let us know. I see a Twi in the cantina right now with a high action pool....may have been fixed? Anyone have confirmation?

      Update: So I made a Twi'Lek Ent and it does seem the stats have been improved. They have an action pool max of 1250, 750 quickness and 400 stam. Stam seems low but at least at low level dancing she doesn't seem to be losing any action. If anyone has a master Twi'Lek and can confirm they work for ents, please do This is exciting to me!!
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        oh hell that is SICK, right on, I'll check myself when I get back tomorrow


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          So here it is. At master, a Twi'lek can't keep action while doing a higher dance (like exotic). I made my "Test Dummy" master to see how she did and she was completely out of action after about 3.5 minutes. However, she gave myself a full 2 hour, 100% mind buff with a lower dance (Basic) and lost very little action.

          So the stats are not fixed and it makes it tougher to level, but they are capable to buff fully and keep action at master, though the dance may not be AS attractive


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            People will get frustrated if they do not receive their buff in 2 minutes or less. I had a broken macro one day on my entertainer team and it took 2.5 minutes, people gave me ALL kinds of emails and tells about it.


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              In case there is confusion to my original post, I was just saying for a bot who will be using action all day or for at least hours at a time, 3.5 minutes before out of action is NOT going to work.

              If you are using one for private purposes only you may even struggle to get both music and dance buffs (at 2 min each buff)...but there is a drink you can use to get you through it. My only point is that No, twi'leks are not the race of choice for entertainers. Go human
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