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  • XFinity Wi-Fi Hotspot

    Does anyone have XFinity Wi-FI, and use the Hotspot? You don't actually have the equipment at home you go like your at the library, and connect to the hotspot.

    Well here's my question for those of you who do have it. Do you have a nice steady ping (70-100), but have packet loss when you try to load up more than one instance. I also get this issue when I leave a building, or try load up more than one toon. I am trying to run Janta and Rancor mission while not trying to involve other players, because i know they are trying to do other things... I also get my toons (and pets loaded up into the group), and they are start dropping group and being disconnected...

    This fall I am gonna get a new laptop, and run 3 to 4 toons on this laptop (while just running my combat toon off the new one). I know this all sounds like not a question but I am just trying to see if anyone else is getting the same issue?